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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 Signs You Might Have A Travel Addiction

Yesterday I visited at the US embassy in Seoul, Korea.  It was for a problem I think most people won’t ever have to worry about.  The problem was my passport was almost full and I still have 3+ years left until it expires.  There were no places left to put visa stamps. So why is it a problem? When traveling to a new country you could potentially be denied entry to the country due to no room for a visa stamp.  It seems the US passports are given a lot fewer pages than most other countries, especially since they are valid for 10 years. I guess they are not  optimistic about us traveling much. Either way, it cost $82 to get more pages put into my passport book and was a fairly easy process of making an appointment, dropping off the passport and getting it mailed a week later.  After going to the Embassy, I started thinking about a few other things that I have noticed about life as a backpacker.  I am sure most people with a passion for travel have some of these in common.   

(For more information on adding visa pages scroll to the bottom)

10 Signs You Might Have A Travel Addiction:

1.       Facebook newsfeed is full of different languages
2.       Have your passport number memorized
3.       Collected enough airline miles  to travel around the world
4.       A bucket list that continually grows after every trip.
5.       Have a bag full of coins from all the currency you have                     collected and it keeps growing.
6.       Can say “Cheers” in 10 different languages.
7.       Know which airplane aisle has the most legroom
8.       You’ve made travel plans for the next few years.
9.       Email inbox is flooded with travel deals
10.     You check flights even though you have no plans to travel

My appointment was on a Monday in Seoul. The passport had pages added and it was delivered to my apartment 4 hours away on Tuesday. Talk about good efficiency with the US Embassy and Korean mail system. 

For more information on adding more pages to your passport in Korea visit (Seoul Embassy Website) and visit (Seoul Appointment Page) to schedule your appointment. 

(Updated Passport: New 24 pages start from A and are in the middle of old pages)


  1. Nice post swiggy! Keep in touch. I'm thinking of a South America trip in 2014.

    1. Thanks Matt! South America has been the cards for a while, I wanted to be there for the 2014 World Cup...but not sure if I can take time off from my MBA.

    2. Nice one Mike! Your blogging and photos always cheer me up and help me focus on my future travel plans... Mine also stretch out at least 3 years- I'm two weeks away from completing (and hopefully passing) my CELTA and after a short stint in Ireland next year, South Korea is my main plan for teaching... After a wee jaunt around SE Asia of course. ;) You've been busy since you were asleep in my mate's car on the way to Edinburgh! Stay brilliant matey.

    3. Thanks Heather! It sounds like you have a great plan in the future. You will definitely love Korea and you can make some good money teaching here. I hope our travel paths cross in the near future. Safe travels and thanks again for reading my blog!