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Friday, 25 January 2013

That one collectible...

Every traveler that I run into seems to have some sort of collectible they like to pick up in every city or every country. I have met people who collect city magnets, sports jerseys, t-shirts, and even spoons. Sometimes it is not even an item, just something they try to do in each country. The most popular one is trying to get a passport stamp in every country they have traveled to. The somewhat new European Union borderless traveling has made this a lot harder to obtain passport stamps. The reason being you only get stamped when you enter a country from outside the Schengen  Zone. Once in the Schengen Zone you will not get any stamps until you leave and enter again. The Schengen Zone = Most of Western Europe (not the UK or Switzerland)

Another collectible that seems to be popular is putting country flag patches on your backpack. I have a slightly mixed opinion on these. It is a pretty good talking point when traveling to show which countries you have lived in or where you are from. But personally while traveling I try to blend in a little bit, even though I know I stick out either way. I have noticed a ton of Canadians sport the maple leaf flag on their backpacks...I've heard it is so they don't get confused for us neighbors to the South. Either way, it is nice to be prideful of your home country.

So what do I collect?

Shot glasses from each country. I have no clue how it started, but it turned out to be something I bought in every country. Sort of an addiction.  The past trip I was on I had 15+ shotglasses in my back pack, I really wish I would of started collecting something lighter and less fragile. Although I haven't broken any yet, the weight defiantly adds up after living out of a back pack for 3 months. 

I've defiantly picked up some other great amazing gifts and souvenirs from around the world. My favorite Czech Liquor (Becherovka), Best Czech Beer Jenik, Russian Standard (amazing Vodka), MOONSHINE!, some awful bottles of Absinthe, and the best bottle of wine I have ever had (Italian of course). Yeah, I must seem like an alcoholic. I also got a South Korean friend's statistic book that he wrote himself. Some awesome soccer stuff, Sensation White sunglasses, and the a Red Running of the Bulls Scarf!      

What do you collect when traveling? Let me know in the comments.

(Here is my trophy shelf of travel stuff. I have traveled to 37 countries, but missing a few shot glasses)

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